Luggage delivery service

We collect and store your bags

We deliver to the chosen location and time

You travel light and enjoy more free time

Bagsporter picks up and delivers your bag

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From 10 USD per bag

We are live in Moscow!

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How BagsPorter works?

We take the hassle from carrying your luggage to and from the airport.

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1. Book a collection time

Choose your flight and the best time and location to collect your bags.

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2. Drop off your bags

BagsPorter agent will collect your bags at the airport, hotel or your home. Our agent will verify your documents, tag and seal your bags in front of you.


3. Travel bags free

Pick up your bags at BagsPorter airport desk and proceed to check-in on your flight. Soon we will be able to drop off your bags for you and you will be able to skip the check-in and go directly to the gate.


4. Collect at destination

Collect your bags from the carousel and drop off at BagsPorter desk to get your bags at your chosen address and time.


Why BagsPorter?

Save time: skip the bag drop-off queues (coming soon).

Start vacation without stress: travel without oversized luggage (skis, snowboards, bikes, TVs).

Spend more time in the city: no need to come back to your hotel to take your bags.

Relax: we carry the bags for you.

Carry your babies not your bags: make your travelling with the family easier.

Save time or money on transportation: use any ways to get to the airport.

Choose the collection option

From Airport to Hotel

Bags Collection

From 10 USD per bag

From Hotel to Airport

Bags Collection

From 10 USD per bag

We are live in Moscow

Baggage delivery services from City to Airport and from Airport to City

Is it Safe?

We built our service with safety in mind and comply with rigid security requirements.

We scan and seal your bags in front of you when we pick them up and they remain sealed until destination.

Your bags are monitored by CCTV and locked in our secure vans and storage facility. Which are monitored at all times.

We X-ray and pre-check all the bags for drugs, explosives, flammables, and restricted items.

All our agents are thoroughly background checked, vetted, trained and certified.

All our vehicles are locked and monitored using the latest technologies.


Air travel made easy

Travel light and enjoy the extra time in the city.

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